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Windows GnuLinux Linux

If you were wondering why Microsoft adding a *Linux kernel* to Windows is a huge deal, I have the explainer for you…


Windows Linux WSL

Rather than emulating the Linux kernel, Windows will now ship a full Linux kernel. Makes for a great developer sy…


MixedReality Windows Unity3D

Developing in Unity for Windows Mixed Reality without having to unplug your device all the time


IoT WindowsIoT

Dumping EEPROM via Two-Wire Interface using Windows IoT Core and Windows Runtime APIs - (vi…


HyperV Docker Containers Linux Windows

W/ or w/o Hyper-V Virtual Machines - here's @SHanselman on #Docker & #Linux Containers on Windows -…


VisualStudio Windows10 Package

Extend your desktop application with Windows 10 features using the new Visual Studio Application Packaging...


eBook WindowsContainers Azure netFramework dotNet ServerSide

New free eBook on "Modernizing existing .NET Framework server-side applications with Windows Containers and Azure"…


NetDuino IOT DotNet Embedded SDK Mac Windows

Embedded .NET: New Netduino hardware, now with SDKs on Mac and Windows:


UniversalWindowsPlatform Workshop Slides NetConfAR Codigo

Comparto los Slides y repositorio sobre Universal Windows Platform del workshop de @NETConfAR @NetBaires