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Serverless AzureFunctions Cost Pricing Benefits RealWorldApplication

Friendly reminder to everyone that wants to exploit the #Cloud properly. @troyhunt has done it the proper way


Azurefunctions MoneySaving Cloud ServerLess

“It's costing me 2.6c per day to support 141M monthly queries of 517M records.” 💸📈 Awesome insight from @troyhunt…


eBook Azure AzureFunctions Serverless

Just released a new free eBook on Serverless apps architecture and patterns with Azure Functions and additional Azu…


ServerLess AzureFunctions

The hidden power of #serverless is micro-billing. Read how I use @azureFunctions to drive my real world link shorte…


Azure serverless AzureFunctions dotNET

#Azure Storage for #serverless @AzureFunctions #dotNET apps in minutes (did you know you can build and test locally…


Podcast microservices serverless

¡Hoy es martes de estreno en Interfaz! Episodio 61 - Microservicios y Serverless con Guillermo Bellmann @gjbellmann…


NETConfCO AzureFunctions Azure ServerLess Slides

The slides for my talk on Serverless architectures with @AzureFunctions, @logicappsio and #EventGrid at @NETConfCO:…