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BotFramework LUIS MicrosoftMVPS Microsoft MSBuild Los invito a ver a mis amigos Humberto Jaimes y Luis Beltran en su charla Deploying local…


Code MicrosoftBotFramework BotFramework WebApi Demos

And the source code of the demos are available as well: Bot project: Web Api:…


Containers BotFramework Bot AI MLnet MLdotNet MachineLearning TensorFlow CNTK Docker Code

Hey guys! #eShopOnContainers included a new demo with the features #AI:, Azure Cognitive Se…


Developer Azure ChatBot BotFramework Bot Case

Come see how Three UK used a self-service chatbot to help make their customer service better:


MVA Microsoft NodeJS BotFramework

¿Te interesa crear Bots? Aprende a construirlos en este curso de #MSVirtualacademy. @mfelman


Xamarin Microsoft BotFramework Bot Programming iOS

Design an iOS chat interface to act as a customer support chat client using the #Microsoft #BotFramework:…