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RedHat K8S Kubernetes Containers

Red Hat introduces first Kubernetes-native IDE @zdnet @redhat


Python Django eCommerce Wagtail

How to build an e-commerce shop with Python, Django, & Wagtail, by @couellet


SMS Twilio Python Flask SendGrid Email

On Twilio @SendGrid Day 1, @spdholakia shares how he built his first Twilio app to earn his red track jacket: an SM…


Evento InteligenciaArtificial Livestreaming AI IA

El estado del arte de la #InteligenciaArtificial aplicada, y cómo viene siendo utilizada en el proceso de…


MicrosoftAI ML Herramientas Tool

Streamline your process with #MicrosoftAI #ML– Sketch2Code turns whiteboard sketches into working wireframes and co…


Containers BotFramework Bot AI MLnet MLdotNet MachineLearning TensorFlow CNTK Docker Code

Hey guys! #eShopOnContainers included a new demo with the features #AI:, Azure Cognitive Se…


MachineLearning AI IA AzureMachineLearning

¿Podría una máquina aprender con la experiencia o los datos? Youtube Blogger…


AI Microsoft Courses Classes MachineLearning ML

Did you know: Microsoft has an "AI School" where you can learn AI/ML for free. 28 courses total. Stuff like... ◦ I…


MSBuild Event Playlist Video Training Microsoft Programming

If you couldn't make it to this year's #MSBuild, we've organized the content into playlists. Check out some of them…